Foundation donates ultrasound to Maternity Clinic

The region’s expectant mothers will now have access to a quick and easy assessment of their developing infant without the need to visit the hospital.

Thanks to the generosity of the Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation, babies can be assessed off campus at Grampians Health Maternity Outpatients Clinic, using the clinic’s brand new ultrasound.

Foundation director Sue Frankham said the Foundation bought the $76,600 machine for the clinic at McLachlan Street after it learned it was operating without one.

“Expectant mums were previously having to make an appointment at the hospital just for the ultrasound and then another at the clinic but now it can all be done at the one location,” Ms Frankham said.

Grampians Health obstetrics and gynaecology registrar at Horsham Dr Nancy Hamura was very thankful for the Foundation’s donation.

“There are times when our patients come in for an assessment and we are unable to determine the position of the baby,” Dr Hamura said.
“Previously we would have sent the patient to the hospital for a scan and now we are able to do it instantly without her leaving the consultation room,” she said.

“It’s also more reassuring for the mum to be able to identify the foetal heart rate here at the clinic, rather than a trip to the hospital. We can capture those moments after 20 weeks.

“When I first came to work at the clinic, we had a case where we couldn’t identify the foetal heart rate because the placenta was anterior, and we had to send the mother to the hospital which would have been an added stress.

“Now we can do all those things here and she can go home again.”

Grampians Health chief operating officer Ben Kelly thanked the Foundation for its generous support.

“The opening of the Maternity Outpatients Clinic at Horsham was a very important step for us in increasing services to the Wimmera and for the Foundation to provide such a valuable asset has only strengthened that service,” Mr Kelly said.

“We are very fortunate to have that level of commitment from the Horsham community.”

Picture: Grampians Health obstetrician Dr Yakep Angue shows Sue Frankham the new ultrasound machine.

8 February 2024