Projects funded by the Foundation include: 

$420,000 – Wimmera Cancer Centre Project ($70,000 pledged in 2019/20 financial year)
$128,000 – Two endobase camera stack systems for theatre department.
$60,000 – Two birthing beds for Yandilla maternity unit
$65,000 – Ultrasound equipment for theatre and emergency department
$50,000 – Rotary House 
$50,000 – Breast cancer surgical equipment 
$42,000 – Theatre tracking equipment system 
$40,000 – Kurrajong Lodge 
$30,000 – Wall desks in Oxley and Yandilla wards 
$30,000 – Adult Rehabilitation Garden 
$23,000 – Colposcope for diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer 
$15,000 – Paediatric Rehabilitation Garden
$13,000 – Patient lifter for Dimboola Hospital
$9,000 – Patient trolley and mobile defibrillator (Dimboola campus) 
$5,000 and under – Various projects 

Foundation Donates New Birthing Beds

A very generous donation from Wimmera Heath Care Group Foundation has supported Grampians Health Horsham to upgrade the birthing beds in Yandilla maternity unit. Yandilla nurse unit manager and midwife Michelle Coutts said the $60,000 upgrade was an important one for the birthing unit because the previous beds had been in use for around a decade. “The new beds are fully electronic with a retractable foot section that removes the occupational health and safety risk associated with the previous beds,”…

New patient lifter for Dimboola Hospital

The WHCG Foundation has purchased an Arjo patient lifter with scales for Dimboola hospital. The $13,000 patient lifter with scales will benefit all residents (26 aged care residents and four acute patients) of the facility. The remote-controlled lifter enables team members to transfer residents from bed to chair, chair to bed, allowing residents who have difficulty moving to be more mobile around the facility and within the community. Without a lifting machine, residents are unable to be transferred safely. The…

Foundation’s $128K gift to save valuable time for theatre staff

The demanding workload for our Grampians Health surgery team at Horsham will be lessened with the purchase of new Endobase camera stack systems. Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation purchased a $64,000 Endobase system to replace the previous system which was more than 12 years old. Now the Foundation has committed to upgrading a second camera stack system at a further cost of $64,000. Endobase is an integrated IT system that records and documents all endoscopy information in the one database.…

Ultrasound Equipment for Theatre & Emergency Dept

Foundation’s Ultrasound Machines Provide Relief.  The generous donation of two new portable ultrasound machines will make treating patients a lot easier for Wimmera Health Care Group’s surgical and emergency nurses. The WHCG Foundation donated the two machines to perform specific duties. WHCG Operations Director Acute Maree Markby said each ultrasound device had a probe specific to tasks in its department. “The machine in Emergency Department will mainly be used for locating veins,” Ms Markby said. “Sometimes people in a trauma…

Wall desks in Oxley and Yandilla wards

In 2013, 30 wall desks were installed in Oxley and Yandilla wards of the Horsham Hospital. These workstations greatly assist the Nursing staff in recording patient records at point of contact.

Wimmera Medical Centre Colposcope

Wimmera Medical Centre colposcope provides early detection to assist in the prevention of cervical cancer A donation from Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation will assist in the identification of cervical pre-cancers. A $20,000 colposcope was donated from Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation to the Wimmera Medical Centre. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Yakep Angue said the colposcope will provide better detection and earlier diagnosis of pre-cancer abnormalities on the cervix. “It will increase the chance of finding abnormal cells if they…

Navigator Wireless Gamma Probe System for Sentinal Node Identification

A large donation from the Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation means more people will be able to avoid major surgery to remove lymph node glands as part of their cancer treatment. A $50,000 donation from the foundation went to purchasing a Navigator Wireless Gamma Probe System for sentinal node identification.  Surgeon Nikki Campbell said this meant people could have a procedure locally that targeted affected lymph nodes, instead of removing all the lymph nodes in the armpit. “This is obviously a smaller…

Wimmera Cancer Centre

The Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation committed a minimum of $420,000 over 6 years towards the redevelopment of the cancer treatment centre at the Wimmera Base Hospital. The Centre was a vision of former Chair, Dr Don Johns OAM who was the driving force behind the new centre becoming a reality. The Foundation, Wimmera Health Care Group and the community worked collaboratively to raise funds to bring this development to fruition. The Centre began treating patients in 2018, providing support for…

Adult Rehab Garden

The Wimmera Health Care Group, in collaboration with the WHCG Foundation Trustees, officially opened the new Adult Rehabilitation Garden at the Horsham campus.Mr Chris Scott, Chief Executive of Wimmera Health Care Group said the garden will be a great asset for the hospital and of enormous benefit to patients undergoing rehabilitation therapy. Dr Don Johns OAM and Chairman of the WHCG Foundation Trustees, unveiled the commemorative plaque.The plaque has been erected on the site of original Horsham Hospital which was…

Paediatric Rehab Garden

The Paediatric Rehabilitation Garden, which opened in November 2010, is a significant addition to the Wimmera Base Hospital in Horsham. The garden has been created to provide a safe and secure environment for children to participate in outdoor rehabilitation activities. The design includes a level ground, rubber matting, shade cloth, new windows and a secondary entry/exit point. A colourful mural not only brightens the area, but is used in therapy. The Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy departments have purchased several pieces…