Ultrasound Equipment for Theatre & Emergency Dept

Foundation’s Ultrasound Machines Provide Relief. 

The generous donation of two new portable ultrasound machines will make treating patients a lot easier for Wimmera Health Care Group’s surgical and emergency nurses.

The WHCG Foundation donated the two machines to perform specific duties. WHCG Operations Director Acute Maree Markby said each ultrasound device had a probe specific to tasks in its department.

“The machine in Emergency Department will mainly be used for locating veins,” Ms Markby said.

“Sometimes people in a trauma situation can have really difficult veins to get a canular into so it will be really good to assist with that.

“It probes different depths and angles to help look for blood vessels and that will make the job much easier for nurses and less traumatic for patients.”

Ms Markby said the machine for theatre had a more intricate probe installed.

The one in theatre can help locate nerve systems to help with administering anesthetics.

“It also has an abdominal probe which can give a quick assessment of the stomach and surrounds.”

Ms Markby said the theatre ultrasound would provide a big support during shoulder operations. “Shoulder operations can be very painful because there’s a big plexus of nerves that sit in your shoulder.

“Our previous machine wasn’t able to locate nerve systems but with this one, we can identify the nerve location and apply analgesic that’s almost good enough to perform the surgery without any further dosage.

“It also gives good pain relief after the surgery so often these operations can become a day procedure.”
Ms Markby thanked the foundation for its continued generosity.

WHCG Foundation chair Graeme Hardman said the ultrasound machines would be well utilised.

“The ability to provide the usual ultrasound processes as well as assist with post-operative pain relief and rapidly assess trauma cases with new and updated technology, provides our community with better health care.

Mr Hardman said donations to the WHCG Foundation were invested and the income generated from those investments was used to fund special projects within Wimmera Health Care Group campuses in Dimboola and Horsham.

“Your donation lasts forever and it’s always working towards growing better health in our community.”

Picture: Emergency Department nurse Gail Pollard and theatre nurses Jackie Fogarty and Jenny Thomson with the new ultrasound machines.