What is Foundation500PLUS? How does it work?

Foundation500PLUS is an opportunity to donate $500 (GOLD Foundation500PLUS) or $1000 (PLATINUM Foundation500PLUS) (tax deductible) annually for 5 years.

Foundation500PLUS donation levels:

What happens to my money?

Your money will never be spent. Your donation is invested by the Board of Trustees and the income generated from the investments will be spent on projects at both the Horsham and Dimboola campuses of the WHCG. With any donation to the Foundation you have the satisfaction and security of knowing that your money stays within our community and will remain working for this and various special projects within our hospital campuses forever. It's all about giving where you live.
Even when the Wimmera Cancer Centre Project is finished, your money will still be working towards other projects.

What happens if I commit to Foundation500PLUS?

Click here for a Foundation 500 application form

Want to know more?

For more information about Foundation500PLUS, please contact Jacqui Hill, WHCG Foundation on 5381 9098 or email