Add your own event

Do you have a fundraising concept?

Do you have capacity to host an event?

You may choose to host your own event to fundraise for the WHCG Foundation. Please contact the Administrator to discuss further.

Add Event


Are you thinking of organising a fundraising event on behalf of the WHCG Foundation?

Please see guidelines to assist you.

Fundraising Authority

  1. To hold a fundraising event and to gain maximum exposure for your event, you need to plan 3 – 4 months ahead of your event date.
  2. All events will be considered by Directors with an authority/letter of endorsement to run your event issued upon approval.  (It is a requirement to have this authority to hold an event on behalf of any charity).
  3. The letter of endorsement may be used to approach sponsors for the event.

  Promotion of Event

  1.   All promotional material and media releases are to be approved by the Foundation.
  2.   The Foundation can offer advice/support in the following areas:

Fundraising ideas

  1. Information about the Foundation to use in promotion.
  2. Signage/ brochures at your event.
  3. Promotion and publicity on our web page and facebook.
  4. A representative of the Foundation to attend/speak at your event or to members.


You are responsible for your own public liability insurance for your event.

The Foundation may request a copy of your insurance for its records.       

Please submit details of your event here for approval by WHCG Foundation Board of Directors.