Wimmera Cancer Centre Project Horsham

The Wimmera Cancer Centre Project Horsham has been born out of an approach from the Wimmera Health Care Group Foundation (Foundation) to both contribute towards the improvement of cancer services in the Horsham area and to promote the "give where you live" concept with regard to cancer fundraising.

The Wimmera Health Care Group (the Service) has an established oncology service which currently delivers a range of chemotherapy services at its core and other cancer services in general. The Service has recently appointed a joint Nurse Practitioner Oncology in collaboration with other Grampians Region hospitals and has a visiting specialist oncologist from Ballarat. Demand for cancer services has steadily grown over the past 10 years to a point where the initial accommodation is totally inadequate.

The infrastructure provided at the Services Baillie Street campus are less than satisfactory to meet the current demands of the service with little or no capacity for growth. The Service has been considering the redevelopment of the current facilities given the pressures on the infrastructure presently used and general demand across the whole campus. The pressures on the oncology unit facilities are due to it being housed in a former acute ward and spread across a number of rooms and corridors. It has no reception and little waiting area that lacks confidentiality and dignity for clients, visitors and friends using the service.

The Foundation has had the pleasure of presenting a total of $210,000 towards theĀ  Wimmera Cancer Centre Project.

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