2020 Vision

In April 2014, the WHCG Foundation achieved its major target of reaching $1million in capital by 2014 and announced its new "2020 Vision" – a new strategic plan incorporating funding assistance in the building of the new Wimmera Cancer Centre and a new target to reach $2 million in capital by 2020.

The WHCG Foundation has committed $420,000 over 6 years towards the redevelopment of the cancer treatment centre at the Wimmera Base Hospital. This donation is from the income generated on the funds invested from YOUR donations to the Foundation.

Because we use only the income generated from your donations, this means that your money remains invested and will continue to work for this and other projects in the WHCG campuses in Horsham and Dimboola forever.

We believe that to "Give Where You Live" is so important for our health service now and in the future.

Keep checking this website and our Facebook page for the latest updates, fundraising events and details on how you can help make projects like the new Wimmera Cancer Centre become a reality.

Donations of $2 or more to the WHCG Foundation are tax deductible and you have the security of knowing that your money will never be spent - the income generated from investments will be used to fund this and other projects at the Horsham and Dimboola hospitals & campuses.

There are many ways you can support the foundation –